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A little bit of a story…I did my teacher training with an amazing yoga studio called Himalayan Yoga Valley on Mandrem Beach, North Goa. I have now developed a Vinyasa Flow Sequence that is strongly connected to the Ashtanga Primary Series but also soaks in a great deal from my training as a dance and movement psychotherapist.

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I’ve lived in Brixton for years and started Brixton Yoga at a somewhat ramshackle and utterly charming local community centre called Number 6, Somerleyton Road. Since then, with some dutiful nurturing, the yoga has developed and the community has grown so I am so pleased to be based in three fantastic, quirky, charming and inspiring venues - Dogstar, POPBrixton and Simulacra Studios!

My yoga journey started years ago. Since I was a kid I remember kicking a football and hopelessly running after it. However, years of playing sports left their mark and it was recurrent injuries that led me to try out yoga. I still remember being ever so intimidated by other people in the class so always delighted to welcome those new to yoga - I know how it can feel!

After years in an office (haunched over a computer like a caveman) in an exciting but ultimately unfulfilling job in Parliament I decided on a career change. It was here I, somewhat randomly, went from the corridors of power to the magical dance circle of a renowned inclusive dance theatre company, Amici Dance Theatre, who practice improvised dance with dancers (some of whom have been diagnosed with disability). As a company member for over 7 years, I have had some of the most incredible experiences of my life and eventually found myself re-training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. An interest in dance, the body and movement finally found it’s home in Vinyasa Flow yoga. My somewhat eclectic experiences have been key to the development of the unique yoga sequence I have developed. A yoga sequence infused with elements of my dance training and aiming towards a shared community experience. You can see how thrilled my dad was about my change in career!

In training, I worked at a therapeutic community and learned about the true healing quality of the community experience. A safe and inviting space within which one can explore, discover and find clarity. I believe that there is a great deal of value in a sharing practice with others - particularly in the hustle and bustle of busy old London town. A group working together, supporting each other and sharing practice helps to generate a positive, nurturing and friendly atmosphere that can hugely enhance and support the yoga experience. Having a price that is affordable and teachers who will welcome you with a friendly smile is important to be able to develop that supportive environment. With a particular emphasis on awareness, I will support you to find the posture that fits for you and your body on a particular day. They way one responds to the posture emotionally is of equal significance to the physical response. I support time to become more aware of your breath and link it to your body, and then, from a place of more awareness, work to an outer edge of a posture. That, for me, is the practice of yoga, what fits for you on a particular day.

The element of community is strong and last year I held events to generate money for Amici’s recent production 35 Amici Drive. It is important to me that your regular financial contributions, in part, go towards supporting this fantastic charity. Plus, look out for the occasional Yoga and Daal night. My family in the punjab taught me how to make authentic lemon infused Punjabi Daal and cumin Rice so I will knock up a batch and we eat together after practice, grab a drink and hang out…hmm, am now hungry, drifting off, thinking about food and craving daal…