About Us

Brixton Yoga started off in a somewhat ramshackle and utterly charming community centre way back in 2013. After weeks and weeks of putting up posters and handing out flyers one paying customer arrived and at the end, passed over a crumpled fiver and said – ‘cheers, that was alright’


Now, we're running classes in the very best venues in Brixton every single day - plus - offering retreats around the world.

The founder, Gurpreet, prior to teaching yoga played football for years, trained as a Dance and Movement Therapist, worked for years in an office for a Leader of a Political Party in Parliament (yup, lots of stuff!) which he hopes help him to connect to lots of different people from all walks of life...

The mission – let’s offer a yoga class that we like to teach, make it as accessible as possible and enjoy ourselves.

What else we do

Virtual Yoga Classes

Online Classes

Since the lockdown, we've done a yoga class every day online. All classes are donation based and we're creating a community through it. See our timetable and zoom link to join


Future Yoga Retreats

In the post-covid world we're looking at ways that we'll be able to bring the community together again. For now this might be local yoga and camping trip. Let us know how you feel about these future trips.


What is yoga?

Good question? We don’t really know. There seems to be a lot written about it. For us, we love to move, it helps us to slow down the busy monkey mind. If you can follow the breath and connect this to the movement – bingo – a real nice movement meditation takes place. 


Add onto that an opportunity to straighten and lengthen the spine and all the health benefits that this delivers…


Finally, the group shared collective movement experience. If you are welcomed and feel welcome into a space – you will connect to the group you are in and connect to your body…enlightenment is within reaching distance (with your new flexible body) from here.


Join us – be a part of the group shared movement meditation…you are very welcome.