How we got here


I’ve lived in Brixton for years and started Brixton Yoga at a somewhat ramshackle and utterly charming local community centre called Number 6, Somerleyton Road. Since then, with some dutiful nurturing, the yoga has developed and the community has grown so I am so pleased to be based in quirky, charming and inspiring venues such as Dogstar, POPBrixton and 41 Acre Lane!

After years in an office (haunched over a computer like a caveman) in an exciting and great but not quite me job in Parliament I decided on a career change. It was here I, somewhat randomly, went from the corridors of power to the magical dance circle of an inclusive dance theatre company, Amici Dance Theatre, who practice improvised dance with dancers (some of whom have been diagnosed with disability). As a company member for over 7 years, I have had some of the most incredible experiences of my life and eventually found myself re-training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. An interest in dance, the body and movement finally found it’s home in Vinyasa Flow yoga. Today my somewhat eclectic experiences have developed a yoga sequence that is infused with elements of my dance training and aiming towards a shared community experience. 


With a particular emphasis on awareness, I will support you to find the posture that fits for you and your body on a particular day. They way one responds to the posture emotionally is of equal significance to the physical response. I support time to become more aware of your breath and link it to your body, and then, from a place of more awareness, work to an outer edge of a posture. That, for me, is the practice of yoga, what fits for you on a particular day.

- Gurpreet

The Brixton Yoga Team

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studio director

Is pretty much obsessed with the flow, rhythm and pattern of breath - constantly referring to it and sees it as the pathway to a deeply meditative yogic experience. Prepare to find a movement meditation from the very start and that is celebrated in an 'optional' eyes closed sequence linked to some of his dance based training. After dynamic work to build up a sweat and internal heat he will then explore a deeper connection with the body with slower paced work...he will most likely get things wrong now and then and probably chuckle to himself at those points. The practice is therefore accidentally fun and playful.



yoga instructor

Moved from LA to London 5 years ago and brings us her modern, fun and very cool yoga style. Her classes can be nice and challenging in bits so be prepared to work hard and find more advanced postures...alongside the chance to rest whenever you need it! All set to a music playlist that is too cool for yoga school



yoga instructor

Started her first class asking students to make sure that they focus on maintaining the arches on the insides of the feet because little cavemen live there! She was an instant hit with us here at Brixton Yoga and her fun, friendly and colourful style will make you feel welcome and help you escape into your movement meditation with ease!



yoga instructor

Started off teaching the beginners class and loves introducing new people to yoga. She's kind, caring and will make you feel like you are practicing at home with your mates. With a strong focus on slowly building up the class movement meditation experience and then to the final relaxing, restful savassana!

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yoga instructor

Jofie has gone from years of office work in the creative sector to creative work in the yoga sector! Yoga that deals with stress is her bag..and she's got the skills to create a positive space for people to explore movement, whilst guiding them with breath and awareness. Creative, energising (fiery at times!) flow classes that will leave you calm and connected

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