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Detox January with Brixton Yoga

Join us for a month of more yoga, more meditations, more nourishing food. Our detox is less about cutting things out but more about creating a solo pace for you to think about what goals are achieveable for you and supporting you over the month!


The shared group experience will help you through it! There will be a weekly group zoom meeting to keep you inspired and a WhatsApp group sharing healthy recipes, meditations and a source of positive support over then month!


Gurpreet will share his monthly plan as a guideline and support you every step of the way! Furthermore there is a daily morning meditation, yoga schedule and evening gong meditations to further help you through the detox!


There’s some amazing reviews in our google review section if wanna take a look. During the pandemic all classes and detox groups are donation based! We are keen to offer everything for free and make this as inclusive as possible through a tricky time!


You are very welcome to join us and email to join us!

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