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GhostWolf: grep -r "sqlite" ~ * Please check that you have write permission to all the directories and that you have read permission on all the files. the server is a NAS that works fine for other users llutz, no results GhostWolf: ls -l /usr/lib/libsqlite3* llutz, results GhostWolf: find -iname "sqlite*" apparently there are major problems using nfs with ubuntu llutz, i have one entry with and a few more without any extension hmm... how do i make it that my left side side (of the mousepad) moves with the mouse instead of the right side is there a way to do what ubuntu does with sshfs and create an nfs mount just for the nfs server to save the trouble of having to open a port and all that crap? GhostWolf: does it link to "" too? llutz, i'll check GhostWolf: so you have the lib-package you want (maybe but you don't have the version from your distro Hilikus, for me, my client always dies on the nfs mount, every other user seems to work fine. i think it was something in xorg.conf, but i cant remember anymore could someone help me with a problem with ubuntu i really need to know how to troubleshoot it so i can get back to windows 7 without reformatting llutz, yes it links to please help hello, i cant send emails from my localhost, i checked the syslog and there is nothing new, this is my syslog hro, what seems to be the problem? it freezes GhostWolf



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Download Labels Unlimited 2.0 Windows 7 64 Bits.rar
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