Our Venues

For when things start to return to normal, these are some of our wonderful venues in the heart of Brixton

Once you get there: Walk towards the right hand side of the bar and go up the stairs on your left. We'll usually be on the first floor

389 Coldharbour Ln,

Brixton, London,



An iconic brixon venue, charming, charismatic and cheeky. If it was a person it would be Romesh Ranganathan ... this is the place for your wholesome and holistic night out as we flow away our troubles ...

Once you get there: Press the buzzer for ‘Studio 2’ and the teacher will let you in. The studio is the first door on the left and then directly up the stairs on the right of the door

302-304 Barrington Road, 

Brixton, London,



An ambient studio tucked away in the arches of a photography studio.