Brixton Yoga

Hello and Welcome to Brixton Yoga!

Easy to find locations delivering affordable high quality Vinyasa Flow Yoga that is set to a modern and eclectic soundtrack. Book now and like our Facebook group 'Brixton Yoga'

RETREAT is OPEN for Magnificent MOROCCO on November 23rd - 28th!! email me for more info and booking details!
PRICE: After 3 years a slight price increase to £8 a class - Email me if this price is difficult for you and i'll try help you out. PLUS have plenty of mats free of charge!
PARK YOGA: please check fb group 'Brixton Yoga' to make sure brockwell park class is on re weather..I can bring mats with me if you let me know beforehand! LOCATION - next to the Tennis Courts in Brockwell Park on grass towards Brockwell Hall...opp the community greenhouses!
BOOKING: New system coming real soon! for now, our booking engine currently does not work on mobile so please use a computer. If you text 07791640914 or email then I can save you a spot and you can pay at class if have probs booking! Any trouble, particularly a cancellation message then please check as might have accidentally double booked!

Class Schedule

Monday @ Brockwell Park 7.30-8.30am and @ POPBRIXTON 6.20-7.40pm with Gurpreet and 7.40-9pm with Nikki
Tuesday @ Brockwell Park 7.30-8.30am and @ Simulacra 7-8:30pm with Nikki
Wednesday@ Brockwell Park 7.30-8.30am and @ Dogstar 7-8:30pm with Gurpreet
Thursday @ Brockwell Park 7.30-8.30am and @ Dogstar 7-8.30pm with Gurpreet (once a month class to be followed by Yoga and Daal social event)
Saturday @ Brockwell Park 10-11.30am
Sunday @ Brockwell Park 10-11.30am and @ Dogstar 2.15-3.45pm (BEGINNERS) & 4-5:30pm with Gurpreet

Book A Class

Hi, I’m Gurpreet and I'm really pleased to welcome you to Brixton Yoga where we deliver high quality and accessible Vinyasa Flow yoga!
As a community, we are happy to continue to offer you the First class for £6 and then £8 per class. Pretty much, the most affordable rates in London!

Having been a student and, at times, looking for work myself it would be rude not to offer concessions at £6 a class whatever your reason for struggling to make ends meet. Accessibility for all helps generate a warm, friendly and supportive community vibe - as we all share practice together.

What to expect from our classes
The sequence is dynamic at first (so prepare to work out!) and then the pace is slowed right down. A series of postures (based on the Ashtanga Series) designed to make us stronger and more flexible but, ultimately, designed to carefully raise awareness of the flow of breath and link it to our movement - leading to a movement meditation. In the second part of the sequence, the pace is slowed right down and there is an opportunity to move in a non-sequenced way before working to an end posture. All set to a unique playlist that is eclectic, contemporary and playful. I am more keen on 'Waterfall' by The Stone Roses than the sound of a waterfall!

The Teachers
Finally - delighted to have the support of two of the very best local teachers around!
Nikki Portman is taking class on Tuesday evenings. Nikki has started off in LA and now brings to London her brilliant, lighthearted playful flow to an uber cool music soundtrack... retaining a particular focus on breath flow and alignment.
Rhona is a 200 hour teacher, teacher from an acting background who brings with her a really nice flowing class. She's a lovely lovely person and just being in her company will make you feel good!

To find out about our retreats, summer park yoga and more, email to get added to our mailing list!