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Got through the pandemic mosh-pit with over 2 years of free classes every day!
We're gonna keep on keeping on - alongside free daily virtual yoga, we're bringing back in person soon and hosting ace retreats here in the UK and abroad. 


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From online to in-person

The biggest challenge in self isolation was the isolation. We felt that the chance to see people you know or meet new people each day over lockdown was priceless. Camera off or on – just knowing you are there was enough to make it special. This is the biggest yogic thing about our online classes over lockdown - the community vibe.

The feeling of being connected in class, moving together, working through the same postures and feeling the same stretches was a lifesaver. Add in a shared music playlist – boom -  you can find a strong connectivity to each other and your body in each and every class. We keep on with morning and evening classes every day and will start bringing in real life classes soon and have some epic retreats all set. 


Our online classes are all FREE and LIVE.