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Creating a virtual yoga community

The home of #movementmeditation

Brixton Yogis from across London come together to practice a carefully crafted sequence of movement meditation in our locally treasured venues such as the beautiful room composed of industrial containers in POP Brixton to the organised chaotic chic of Dogstar! The modern urban experience is celebrated and it is here that we find our practice - our space of quiet and peace.


To find a movement meditation it's important to follow the rhythm, flow and pattern of one's breath. Feel relaxed, your muscles relax and this will allow you to work better in postures. We explain each part of the sequence to make the class accessible to all and offer a level of dynamism suited to seasoned practitioners. The sequence delivered is nourished by the setting, music and the different kinds of people that attend. Outside of the beginners and morning class, be prepare to work out and sweat. And at the end of class, prepare for a deep relaxation! 


We believe that there are huge benefits to sharing a practice with others in a relaxed and friendly environment. The collective experience is celebrated in our social events where we all tuck into a pot of daal, rice, pickles and salad after class now and then. It's a home cooked recipe that's proving to be a hit. Or join us for one of our yoga and surf retreats! find your practice and then find other people who like the same things that you do!  

Come and try out a class where teachers will support and guide you through physical challenges and lead you to a deep relaxation at the end of the class. 


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Coronavirus Update: Timetable on hold for now but virtual timetable available. Daily live yoga classes for us all to take part in together remotely!