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Online community during lockdown

The biggest challenge in self isolation is the isolation. We felt that the chance to see people you used to know and see in classes or to see new people each day is priceless. Camera off or on – just knowing you are there is enough. This is the biggest yogic thing about online classes.


To know that you are all in a LIVE class, moving together, working through the same postures and feeling the same stretches takes it a step further. Add in a shared music playlist – boom -  you can find a strong connectivity to each other and your body in each and every class.


Furthermore, our online classes are all FREE and LIVE


We had to dig deep and ask ourselves why do we teach yoga. It has always been for the community – we feel like the community needs us right now and we need them. We’re not a franchise and don’t have investors…we are independent and this is a decision we have taken to offer something during a difficult time. We have ran a FREE and LIVE CLASS every day since lockdown started…join us.

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