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Brixton Yoga


A curated playlist of tracks enjoyed by our instructors and teachers alike

When I practice, somehow and in some mysterious way my breath joins the rhythm of music and it helps me feel connected.


The playlist is designed to work with the physical sequence we as teachers set up. So click the playlist and check out the playlist.


It starts nice and slow and then builds up to an eyes closed flow with Bjork’s fabulous ‘unison’ and then we slow the pace right down. Three artists in particular are represented a little more than others in the playlist. Sufjan Stevens, Thom Yorke and Olafur Arnolds. I simply fell in love with Olafur Arnolds new album ‘Re:member’.


One random afternoon in August I spent an afternoon on youtube randomly searching different live sets from Sufjan Stevens because I heard him on 6 music and remembered why he is soooooo good. Then Yorke released a beauty of a single called ‘suspirium’ this month…finally, take a moment to listen carefully to ‘fool’ by perfume genius..and finish with an eyes closed lying down savassana to ‘burgs’ by mount wolfe…the perfect send off!


I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!  

- Gurpreet

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