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What is a community?

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Our #brixtonyoga community at one of our yoga daal night

The other day I had to stop myself from using the word community (again) - alongside quirky and eclectic.

And, I’m not really sure how to explain what I mean when I say we are building a yoga community to be honest.

Our job here at brixtonyoga is to love what we do. That’s the most important thing. Everything else is an echo of this starting point. If you love what you do then people will want some of that and bring their own energy that joins in and then like an omm sound it's like a vibration that echoes out.

A teacher can help generate a special energy in a class, a really special shared collective experience can develop when we practice together. A group comes together in shared movement and breath. There are times when over 20 peoples movement, inhale and exhale is exactly linked together.

There is an individual's own experience of practice and focus on breath and body; this is key to our practice. However, when we practice together, I believe we are creating a shared collective identity. I sometimes think of each group as a person, and if it is a person then how does that person feel right now? what type of persoanlity does it have? Do we need to slow the pace down or find more energy? A shared group practice is where we consciously and unconsciously connect to each other and that is something to be nurtured and treasured as a teacher. It is nourished by careful consideration of what kind of sequence fits the group and also a warm, friendly welcoming environment within which to practice. Each person also needs to come to practice like a willing participant. They need to know that they can take a rest whenever they need to and that there isn't a pressure to work through a posture. Rather, with an awareness of how they feel, they will know how far to go with each posture and own a sense of being in control.

The price is important so that we are generating a culture of inclusion and not exclusion, alongside, 'quirky' and 'charming' venues that will instantly make you feel at ease! Then further social events will further the important key work that is taking place in each class. The food nights, retreats and further events are all an echo of that shared group energy that is carefully cultivated in each class and it is the cornerstone to this particular yoga community. Hmm, maybe I did find a way to explain it - debatable!

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